Jesse Parent is a Project Information Manager and Research Associate at a major HealthTech company, as well as Assistant Scientist and Lab Manager at Orthogonal Research and Education Lab, leading the Cognition Futures research group and founder of the Society Ethics Technology team. He has over five years of start-up experience, including time as former Director of Strategic Initiatives at StateOfTheArt.AI. In 2021, he was awarded a research residency grant from the Center for Enabling Effective Altruism Learning & Research, studying trajectories in artificial intelligence and cognition modeling. He was also selected to the inaugural cohort of National Science Foundation’s CSGrad4US Fellowship, intending to pursue doctoral studies in Computer and Cognitive Sciences. Jesse writes, speaks, and consults on research topics, as well as the art of growing as a scholar, mindful of the challenges of the 21st century.

Current research focus: XR and embodied intelligence. Also, I am developing a mentorship program around being a researcher within the challenges of the 21st century. Looking forward to some major collaborations in 2022!

Application Deadline: Orthogonal Research and Education Lab is currently accepting applications for Spring and Summer 2022 Interns and Research Assistants - please see their website here: Get Involved!

Research & Academic News

  • 05-09 Excited to have two submissions accepted at WeRobot 2022!
  • 04-08 Presenter, Moderator, and Panelist at ACM’s New York Celebration of Women in Computing NYCWiC 2022!
  • 03-31 Collaboration in original Neuromatch has been published in the Journal of Open Source Education: “Neuromatch Academy: a 3-week, online summer school in computational neuroscience.”
  • 03-25 “Gibsonian Information: A New Approach to Quantitative Information” published with Bradly Alicea, Daniella Cailfi and Avery Lim in BICA 2021.
  • 02-01 Founder & Co-Supervisor of UAlbany Internship Program: first cohort of OREL-UAlbany interns for Spring 2022!
  • 01-14 Promoted to Project Information Manager at a major HealthTech company’s R&D team!
  • 01-05 Establishment of partnership of Orthogonal Research and Education Lab, Cognition Futures, and Plot Twisters for research on Cognitive Science, Metacognition and Social Cognition, affordances, and innovation in mentorship for researchers.


  • 12-01 Successfullly completed the Group Cohort and 1 on 1 Mentoring component of the GSGrad4US Fellowship
  • 11-04 Three talks accepted at Neuromatch 2021 in collaboration with Orthogonal Research and Educational Lab.
  • 09-27 Representing OREL at UAlbany’s CURCE Hybrid Fall Fair - internships available now through Spring ‘22!
  • 09-13 Co-author on OREL’s presentation on Gibsonian Information at Brain-Inspired Cognitive Architecture (BICA) workshop at IS4SI 2021.
  • 08-17 Selected for the 2021 NSF Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) Graduate Fellowships (CSGrad4US) program.
  • 07-28 Organized & Co-Hosted CogSci 2021 Discussion Group: Trajectories in Cognitives Science
  • 06-01 Joined StateOfTheArt AI as Director of Strategic Initiatives
  • 05-17 Awarded Research Grant via Effective Altruism Learning and Research (Artificial Intelligence)
  • 05-15 ACM CHI 2021 Workshop on Emergent Interaction: “Allostasis Machines: a model for understanding internal states and technological environments”
  • 05-01 Accepted at Cultural Evolution Society Conference 2021: “Charting the Future of Academic Fields with Cultural Evolutionary Trajectories”
  • 04-10 Princeton Envision: Research Presentation “Cognition Futures & FrontierMap”
  • 04-09 ACM’s New York Celebration of Women in Computing 2021: AI Ethics (Research Presentation); Male Allies breakout session (Moderator); Thinking About Gradschool (Panelist)
  • 03-24 International Workshop on Embodied Intelligence: Workshop Flash Talk and Interview for IEEE Embodied Intelligence podcast
  • 03-21 “Periodicity in the Embryo” accepted for publication in Biosystems 204 in June


  • 12-11 Moderating “Observer-Dependent Models” (B. Alicea) talk at Philosopher’s Web Café
  • 12-06 Attending & Volunteering at NeurIPS 2020; attended MAIN2020
  • 10-29 Speaker at Alumni Panel for Undergraduate Research at UAlbany and featured in CURCE Newsletter
  • 10-01 Greenlight to lead “Cognition Futures” research team within OREL
  • 08-11 Attended MIT’s Center for Brains, Minds, and Machines Summer Course 2020
  • 07-31 Completed Neuromatch Academy 2020 - Summer School (Intensive Track)
  • 07-15 Starting as Lab Manager for Orthogonal Research & Education Lab!