Jesse Parent, B.S. Assistant Scientist and Lab Manager at Orthogonal Research & Education Lab


  • 05-01 Accepted at Cultural Evolution Society Conference 2021: “Charting the Future of Academic Fields with Cultural Evolutionary Trajectories”
  • 04-10 Research Presentation: Cognition Futures & FrontierMap at Princeton Envision
  • 04-09 Research Presentation: AI Ethics project with OREL at ACM’s New York Celebration of Women in Computing 2021; Male Allies breakout session (Moderator), Thinking About Gradschool (Panelist)
  • 03-24 Presentation: flash talk at International Workshop on Embodied Intelligence; interviewed for IEEE’s Embodied Intelligence podcast.
  • 03-21 “Periodicity in the Embryo” accepted for publication in Biosystems 204 in June
  • 12-11 Moderating “Observer-Dependent Models” (B. Alicea) talk at Philosopher’s Web Café
  • 12-06 Attending & Volunteering at NeurIPS 2020; attended MAIN2020.
  • 10-29 Speaker at Alumni Panel for Undergraduate Research at UAlbany and featured in CURCE Newsletter
  • 10-01 Greenlight to lead “Cognition Futures” research team within OREL
  • 08-11 Attended MIT’s Center for Brains, Minds, and Machines Summer Course 2020
  • 07-31 Completed Neuromatch Academy 2020 - Summer School (Intensive Track)
  • 07-15 Starting as Lab Manager for Orthogonal Research & Education Lab!