Through Orthogonal Research and Education Lab, and in with guidance and approval from Head Scientist Dr. Bradly Alicea, I offer opportunities to gain research experience and collaborate on topics of interest. Cross-disciplinary research is a major theme, so while there is no expecation to be an expert in all facets, strong interest and some experience in a specific area and willingness to learn in others is highly valued.

The two main teams I supervise are noted below, although if there is a topic of interest you wlikd like supervision or collaboration on elsewhere at OREL, let me know. If you are already working on a project or established elsewhere, please see the Research Collaboration page.

Current Openings

Cognition Futures - Internships (Topical Focus)

Inspired from developmental psyhology and cognitive science, and in concert with OREL’s Developmental AI project, we’re looking for a researcher to investigate theories of learning across disciplines, with the aims of fleshing out computational or simulation countparts as available. Specific topics include:

  • Theories of Learning
  • Cybernetics or Control Theory
  • Meta-learning (in machine learning)

    Cognition Futures - Research Assitant: Mapping Trajectories in Cogntive Science (Open Track)

    This role is more indepedent, less topically driven, but would be useful for someone versed within the general cognitive science / philosophy / computer science space. Which trajectories would you like to map? Contact me to discuss what you’d like to focus on.

Ethics Society Technology Team

Define project-based roles are in development, but reach out if you have a specific interest in:

  • Law keeping pace with technological advancement
  • Shared Risk & Cooperation (upcoming projects in agent-based modeling and multi-agent learning)